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Our braided rugs are made of 100% natural fiber jute!
Jute is like no other natural fiber because it is naturally mildew resistant, moth proof and has natural fire
retardant properties. Did we mention it’s biodegradable?

This makes our braided rugs perfect just about anywhere in your home!
They are beautiful and work hard in the hardest working area of your home like kitchens, baths, entryways, by the fireplace, in large rooms, small rooms, even on stairs!

The approximate thickness of our braided rugs and table accents is one-quarter inch.
They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes to suit almost every need.
Our braided table accents made of cotton and are designed to coordinate with our braided rugs.

Mix and match to your hearts’ content. They are designed to look great in multiple combinations
from room to room.

Change a rug and change a room!

Let us bring the perfect braided rug and home decor directly to your door!

Enjoy shopping through our beautiful easy care braided rugs, stair treads, chairpads, and table accents!

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~Happy St. Patrick's Day Special!~

TNB-1128 Irish Trivet Basket Set By Susan Burd
10" Round Jute Braided Basket & 6 Printed Jute Braided Trivets

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Special free shipping offer through March 31st, 2014, on this item special only!
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TNB-1128 Irish Trivet Basket for $46.00

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St. Patrick's Day Special
Make your check payable to The Braided Rug Place in the amount of $46.00.
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and due to the braided rug craft,
sizes may vary slightly.


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